Soul Space The Retreat
5 Star luxury retreat
Oct 18th - 21st 2024
"What an extraordinary experience. This retreat has transformed my life in ways I could have never imagined. It was an unparalleled experience that has left me feeling rejuvenated, peaceful, and motivated to embrace change. I am now more at ease, more grounded, and filled with a renewed sense of purpose."
— Past guest.

Looking to knock out self-doubt, awaken self-confidence and gain an empowered mindset?
Immerse yourself in 4 days of powerful workshops to unlock and unblock self-limiting beliefs

Are you searching for greater purpose, meaning and clarity in life?
On this retreat you will be given the opportunity to immerse yourself in deep reflection and self-discovery, allowing you to hear your hearts calling, tune in to your inner intuition and awaken your deepest wisdom

Looking for health rejuvenation, de stress and experience a mind - body reset?
Learn and understand the key pillars of lifestyle medicine and Integrative health

Looking to release and let go, so that you manifest the life you desire?
Experience profound shifts as you reconnect and release through daily meditation, breathwork, movement activation and yoga practices.

Experiencing transition and change in your life?
Gain tools and daily practices to help you navigate through periods of transition and change with greater ease and clarity.

Looking to find joy in your life and become part of a community and connect with like-minded people?
Opportunities to connect, communicate have fun and collaborate with beautiful people exploring life's journey together.

Looking for time off to relax, refresh and reignite?
Bask yourself in the serene environment of the stunning Algarve cliffs and coastline, enjoy personal time to rest or lounge by the pool, explore the area and enjoy the 5 star hotel facilities

Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort
5 star Luxury deluxe sea view room. Wake up with the sound and sights of the ocean to nourish your senses.
Choose between a single adult room or sharing adult room.

Enjoy a daily nourishing breakfast, along with dinner each night in the 5 star Med Restaurant overlooking the breathtaking sea cliff views of Portugal's Algarve Coast or another prime location within the stunning Tivoli hotel.

This is not your average retreat
What this transformative Soul enriching retreat contains;
  • Pre retreat virtual masterclass to prepare mind and body for this immersive experience
  • Wake up every morning to the sound of the ocean - 5 star accommodation in deluxe sea view rooms (the view is extraordinary) including breakfast and Candlelit Dinner (overlooking the sea)
  • 14 Breakthrough workshops hosted by Irelands leading health and performance duo Miram and Gerry Hussey, to help you create an empowered mindset, manifest your dreams, breakthrough self limiting beliefs and doubts, cultivate greater health and vitality and awaken your power within
  • Immersive yoga, breathwork and movement workshops
  • Deep healing and soul replenishing meditations, visualisations and yoga nidra
  • Sunrise beach and clifftop activation sessions
  • Soul Sanctuary Sessions
  • Time off to recuperate, refresh, and relax
  • Bask in the beautiful settings of the Algarve coasts and Explore the stunning surrounds
  • Luxurious sea view 5 star hotel experience
  • Post retreat virtual masterclass to check in, follow up and integrate

Deluxe Sea View Room (shared occupancy) - €1,945
Deluxe Sea View Room (Single occupancy) - €2,255
Let's awaken, inspire and ignite

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Shared Room

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